Big firm experience. Small business gumption.

You didn't start a small business because it was the 'easy route.' Neither did we. We worked in the big firms and earned our own digs. We want to bring that experience to your enterprise without the pricing burdens that flow from the (broken) big-firm model.

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Mike Mergens

Mike did the big law firm thing. He represented huge clients (and small ones) in land use, environmental, real estate, and property tax matters, both as a trial lawyer and a transactional attorney. But he was always nagged by the idea that the clients that needed him most (the small companies, emerging entities, entrepreneurs, and budding franchisors) couldn't afford his big-firm rates. 

So now he does the same work, for the same companies, at a fraction of the rate. He loves helping clients noodle their next big deal, and excels in the fog of battle, too. He has experience arbitrating large commercial matters and serves as outside general counsel to franchises and small companies.

When Mike takes his lawyer pants off, he spends his time coddling the (two) dogs, perfecting urban landscapes, punishing people at the poker table, and driving fast cars.


Marshall Lichty

Marshall cut his lawyer teeth as a litigator in a big law firm. He has done battle in multi-million dollar commercial and personal lawsuits, represented huge companies (and sued them), and puffed out his chest when clients have emerged victorious countless times.

Thing is, Marshall prefers to be a teammate, not a fighter. That’s why he values the chance to advise and consult with entrepreneurs, startups, franchisors (and franchisees), and other small businesses, when love, hope, promise, passion, and optimism spring eternal. With a deep understanding of where companies are at risk—and the knowledge of how those risks play out in hard-fought litigation—Marshall helps his clients Create stable companies, Grow them into strong players, and Protect them from surprises.

When he isn’t playing lawyer, Marshall bugs his wife and young son, Everett, captains a promising local curling team, cross-country skis, gardens, golfs, and swears at bad drivers.