EntrePartner: Small Business Attorneys Serving the Greater Minneapolis Area

Partnering with entrepreneurs. Protecting enterprises.

Are you looking for business legal advice? Are you hoping for more than just an attorney?

EntrePartner is a boutique, small-business law firm providing legal services in the greater Minneapolis area and throughout Minnesota. Our crew of former big-firm lawyers partners with entrepreneurs, startups, franchises, and small businesses. We advise, consult, negotiate, litigate, and enforce your big legal issues and your small ones. Our ever-present goal is to wrench the cost curve downward, bend the value curve upward, and eliminate the “pain curve” altogether. We’re here when you’re ready to Create, Grow, and Protect your enterprise.

Partner with Minnesota Business Attorneys that Can Help Your Business Reach its Goals.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners contact us because their friends and colleagues recommended us. Others find us after the inevitable Google search for ‘small business lawyers near me‘ because they need a small business lawyer in Minneapolis. No matter how they find us, though, our clients keep partnering with us over time because they get more than just a lawyer who thinks of them as “billable hours.” Our goal is to make your attorney feel like an extension of your team.

Sure, we offer legal services that add value to your business. But our whole team works to help you achieve—then maintain—growth and profit over the long haul. We care about your success and dive deep to understand where you are today and where you’d like to take your business in the future.

Regardless of whether you need help with general counsel services or more specialized areas for your unique situation, your business needs the right corporate attorney along for the ride.

Twin Cities Business Formation Services, General Counsel, and More.

We counsel and advise startups and entrepreneurs in a whole slew of things. We help with business formation services in Minnesota and we team up with those looking to sell their business (or buy a new one!). We advise you on transactions and contracts, register your trademarks, help you hire and retain talented employees, and navigate the complexities of partnership agreements. We’re your partner in real estate transactions, franchise formation, and franchise agreements, and we’re with you in your mergers and acquisitions. We are experienced Minnesota lawyers who help your small business grow on a budget, address emerging challenges and problems, and position itself to capitalize on opportunities that come your way.

At EntrePartner, we understand that no two Minnesota businesses experience growth, decline, or other challenges the same way. You can use our attorney services on an a la carte basis, or we can work on site as your in-house legal department. Contact us today to learn more about how our law firm can help your business. Our attorney services can be used on an a la carte basis or we can work on site as your in-house legal counsel as needed! Contact us today to learn more about how our law firm can help you!


Your idea sprouted in a moment you probably remember vividly. If you’re like us, that idea burst out of your brain, onto a napkin (or a spreadsheet or a Google Doc or an Evernote), and into reality. And since you could never put that particular toothpaste back in the proverbial tube (even if you wanted to), it’s time to put your idea to work. And that’s where we come in. We help you Create. Click deeper to get an idea of some things we can do to help as your idea says, “Hello, world!”


You took the plunge and poured your heart into your business. Your endless (and exhilarating, exhausting, and sometimes thankless) work kept things afloat. Congratulations! But now even more endless (and exhilarating, exhausting, and sometimes thankless) work has begun. Now you’re ready to Grow. And we want to be there as you do. Here’s how we do it.


Truth is, risk is all around you. Employees, customers, competitors, partners, regulators, legislators… they can all make the road you’ve chosen to travel a bumpy one. The businesses that overcome—the ones that rise above the risk and succeed in spite of it—are the ones that intentionally control that risk. Some lawyers will tell you “NO!,” as though you can avoid all risk through simple paralysis. But you don’t pay us to tell you what you cannot do; our job is to tell you how to do what your business needs you to do. Take a look at how we can help Protect you from the onslaught.