The old law firm model is broken. We’re fixing it.

We believe that entrepreneurs, startups, franchises, and small businesses need a new kind of law firm to navigate a new economy. We believe you don’t need a huge law firm to become a huge success. We believe the size of your legal bill shouldn’t match the size of your passion.

If you want your lawyer’s office to feature marble walls, miniature giraffes, or hundreds of employees on dozens of floors in sky-scraping buildings in downtown Minneapolis, we’re not your law firm. We aim to wrestle the cost curve downward by reducing overhead, increasing automation, using great technology, and thinking creatively about how we price our services. We want to keep you happy by providing real value, consistently measuring and implementing your feedback, keeping you informed, and—you know—just generally being good people to be around.

Our model lets us focus on what really matters: you and your business.

EntrePartner offers legal services with a singular focus in mind: how do we add value to your enterprise? That is, are we focusing on the right things? For the right amount of time? At the right price? With the right outcomes? If we aren’t, we’re doing it wrong. We partner with entrepreneurs, startups, franchises, and small businesses by advising, consulting, negotiating, litigating, and enforcing your big issues and your tiny ones.

Here’s how we do it:


  • We’re working to wrench the “Cost Curve” downward.
    • We aim to avoid “over-lawyering.” Some things need an auditorium full of barristers and solicitors. Your thing probably doesn’t. We know the difference (and act accordingly).
    • We work with you to keep our fees manageable. To do that, we have minimized our own overhead costs, crafted a lean and efficient team, and prioritized creative billing options to give you as much certainty as we can (including fixed fees, blended fees, and affordable hourly rates).
    • EntrePartner wants to serve as your curator. That is, if we can’t fix your problem, we want to recommend someone we trust who does, then shepherd you through the process to help you keep costs in check and avoid “project creep.”
    • We consciously avoid spending meaningful minutes on meaningless issues.
  • We’ve bent the “Value Curve” upward.
    • We go out of our way to avoid the things small companies hate the most about lawyers: we aim for pricing transparency, a genuine ear for your goals and input, and clear and consistent updates about your issue’s progress.
    • We have experienced lawyers doing your work at a fair price.
    • We hope to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with our clients. It demands some sacrifice and patience on our end in the short term, but it yields shared joy in your upward trajectory over the long term.
    • And we will care about you, your company, your partners, and your issues.
  • We eliminate the “Pain Curve” altogether.
    • Our goal is to get to “yes.” That is, we go out of our way to help you achieve your goals, solve problems, and avoid (like the Plague) the wet-blankety, deal-destroying, paralysis-inducing lawyer you may’ve come to know (and loathe).
    • We’re candid. Particularly when it comes to litigation and arbitration, we strive to share our honest opinions about likely outcomes as quickly as possible. We help you project fees, the likelihood of reaching an acceptable settlement, and other costs that will help you reach a solid business judgment. We aim to be creative, flexible, transparent, and honest about pricing. Many companies spend gobs of hard-earned money turning small-ish issues into hard-fought battles simply because of ego (their own or the lawyer’s). We vow to keep our egos out of things and help you keep yours in healthy measure.
    • We measure client satisfaction and value added. And we’re forever iterating to improve them both.


We want to partner with you at the beginning of your greatness. We’re passionate about turning your back-of-the-napkin idea into something real. We want to prepare you for liftoff.

Here’s what we help you Create


As your enterprise takes off, you’ll face new challenges and—delightfully—huge opportunities. We want to partner with you as you emerge. We have to tools to advise you and consult with you through your growth.

Here’s how we help you Grow


You’ve built something great. Let’s partner to protect it.

Here’s what we do to Protect