We prioritize and meet your company’s legal needs by wrenching the cost curve downward, bending the value curve upward, and eliminating the “pain curve” altogether.

We want your relationship with us to be valuable. To achieve that goal, we inject a healthy dose of transparency into our pricing model, dedicate ourselves to right-sizing our clients’ average legal spend, and enhance what you get for that spend.

Business owners—particularly new ones—fear “legal.” They worry it will be too expensive, too burdensome, too boring… In short, they fear it will be too painful. Unfortunately, their fear is sometimes well-earned. Your experience with “Legal” can be painful.

EntrePartner aims to avoid the pain and put the fears to rest. We think you’ll feel better (not worse) after meeting us. We think you’ll feel organized once you’ve consulted and prioritized with us. We think you’ll feel stronger. We think you’ll feel empowered. We think you’ll feel the value. We think you’ll feel the love. It is time to move “Legal” up from the bottom of your company’s “To Do” list. It is time to contact us.


Legal services to help you create new businesses, new partnerships, new agreements, new franchises, and new ideas with new energy.


Legal services to help you grow your established business into something magnificent.


Legal services to help protect your company, your assets, and your business interests.