Our Team

Big firm experience.

Small business gumption.

You didn’t start your business because it was the ‘easy route.’ Neither did we. We worked in the big firms and earned our own digs. We want to bring that experience to your enterprise without the pricing burdens that flow from the (broken) big-firm model.


In addition to our big-firm-lawyering cred, our team brings decades of experience as business leaders and entrepreneurs ourselves. We’ve owned landscaping companies, restaurants,real estate companies, health & beauty franchises, and gourmet food companies. We’ve been in the trenches as brands rocket from local to national and then international success. Whatever your issue, we’ve seen it or something like it, and have a first-hand awareness of where it should fall in your priorities list.


And, when it comes down to it, you have to like your lawyer. We’ve deliberately assembled a team of like-minded and likable colleagues, so that you can feel comfortable contacting any one of us in a pinch. You wouldn’t pick a business partner without making sure you work well together; your lawyer should get the same scrutiny.

Meredith Bauer

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Meredith founded EntrePartner in 2011 after her light-bulb realization that all of her entrepreneurial and corporate clients need the same thing. So she built EntrePartner to meet that need. That’s why, to this day, we give practical and actionable legal advice to business owners and franchisors to assist their fast-paced growth with pricing transparency and attractive fees.

The model worked, and Meredith was quickly consumed with full-time work as General Counsel of Anytime Fitness and its related brands in 2013. While in-house, she assisted the company in growing to over 3,000 franchised locations in the US and internationally and the launch of its sister brand, Waxing the City. While managing all its legal affairs, Meredith also served on the company’s executive committee overseeing business and fiscal strategy.

Although she loved her time in-house, Meredith’s entrepreneurial itch begged for scratching, and she made her triumphant return to EntrePartner in the summer of 2017. She is ecstatic about resuming her work with established and growing business owners and helping them realize their vision. She uses her unique experience and perspective from being on-the-ground inside an organization with rocket-ship growth to provide practical advice and risk assessment to her clients.

When not working as lawyer, Meredith keeps busy pursuing several entrepreneurial ventures of her own, including managing and leasing residential real estate, and operating various franchised retail locations throughout the Twin Cities. You also might see her running around the city lakes or relaxing on a patio with a glass of wine.

Mike Mergens

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Mike did the big law firm thing. He represented huge clients (and small ones) in land use, environmental, real estate, and property tax matters, both as a trial lawyer and a transactional attorney. But he was always nagged by the idea that the clients that needed him most (the small companies, emerging entities, entrepreneurs, and budding franchisors) couldn’t afford his big-firm rates.

So now he does the same work, for the same companies, at a fraction of the rate. He loves helping clients noodle their next big deal, and excels in the fog of battle, too. He has experience arbitrating large commercial matters and serves as outside general counsel to franchises and small companies.

When Mike takes his lawyer pants off, he spends his time coddling the (two) dogs, perfecting urban landscapes, punishing people at the poker table, and driving fast cars.

Ken Hall

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Ken takes pride in working with entrepreneurs and seeing them succeed. His varied background as a big firm lawyer, corporate counsel, and as an entrepreneur gives him keen insight that translates into pragmatic advice about the opportunities and challenges that confront businesses each day. Ken provides general counsel services for entrepreneurs, startups, franchisors, and existing businesses of all sizes in all of their legal affairs, from the day-to-day activities to the bold moves. He takes the time to learn the ins and outs of his clients’ stories and industries. An entrepreneur himself, Ken has started businesses in the areas of franchising, retail, food production, e-commerce, and consulting. His legal experience in both transactions and litigation benefits his clients through all stages of a business’s lifespan. Passionate about entrepreneurial activities and helping businesses flourish, Ken has been featured in many television programs and magazines, including CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, The Food Network’s What’s Hot, What’s Cool; The Food Network’s Recipe for Success, QVC, Entrepreneur, Minnesota Business, and Franchise Times. When he isn’t in lawyer mode, Ken spends his time seeking new adventures around town for his family, catching up with friends, being active outdoors, and taking in the local arts scene.

Carissa Maher

Law Clerk
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Carissa completed her Bachelor’s degree as a Gopher at the University of Minnesota in 2016. Already envisioning a career at a boutique firm and working with both emerging and established entrepreneurs, she quickly joined the EP team after graduation as a first stop in her pursuit to becoming an attorney.

As the firm’s resident “lawyer-in-training,” Carissa joins the attorneys at the table for everything from national franchise roll-outs and real estate transactions, to business formations and the day-to-day general practice. Even after seeing the highs and the lows of legal practice, she remained undeterred and headed off to law school in Fall 2018.

When she’s not at the office, you might catch her checking out a Minneapolis brewery, weekending in lake country in her hometown of Pequot Lakes (aka “the bobber town”), or shamelessly mastering the art of movie quotes while ordering take-out.

Arthur Basham

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Arthur joined EntrePartner fresh off a prestigious marketing internship in the UK. He spent his time there carefully crafting strategic initiatives and delivering stellar client service.

Now Arthur leverages that same attention to detail on behalf of EntrePartner’s roster of hustlers and entrepreneurs. While it’s unclear at the moment whether or not law school is in his future, he is enjoying the opportunity to think deeply and work closely with the EntrePartner attorneys to deliver polished, effective documents and services.

After-hours you’ll find Arthur running long distances for fun, keeping up with the international indie music scene, and daydreaming about one day traveling the country in a custom-built van.

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